​My cartoon image to the left is not a good example of photorealism, but the photo on the right was used to paint the watercolor above.

Lance Von Prüm
Portrait Artist





Lance Von Prum is a full time commissioned artist working

for clients in the Northwest and across the country. His

work is displayed in a variety of venues in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington and Fredericksburg, Texas. Over a

hundred of his watercolors hang in the homes and businesses

of satisfied clients across the United States. He works primarily

from photos he takes of his subjects, or photos supplied by his clients. Challenge Lance to exceed your expectations.


Guys like cars. Guys would rather

have a painting of their car than a

painting of themselves. Whether it's

a rusted out pickup in the woods or

a finished show car, cars make great

watercolor subjects.

Cartoons and Prints

Von Prum's interests and abilities cover a broad range as shown in his recent "Airhead" series of nonsensical cartoons reminiscent of the 70's. Most all of his work is scanned and high resolution prints on watercolor paper are available in a verity of sizes.

Exceeding his client's expectations is a continuous goal. This client's husband is a P-51 pilot and this painting was a birthday surprise. The airplane seems to fly off the paper in this dramatic composition. You can almost hear the engine and smell the avgas.

Lance's complex personality is reflected in his fantasy art where he combines dreams, visions and ideas that seem to come from outside the mind.

Composition, balance and lighting are demonstrated well in all of his work, including a more traditional style sometimes requested by his clients.

Lance Von Prum's award winning portrait work displays his ability to capture the personality and soul of his clients.

Special Projects


Fantasy Art


The Magic Challenge of White

Almost anything white is a good watercolor subject and you'll see

this reflected in much of Lance's work. That is the not so simple

challenge of watercolor painting, to use the paper as white or light,

then paint darker colors. Oil painting and other media paint from  

dark to light. The control of light is simply understanding how light