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Custom cars are expensive. There's no two ways about it. If you build a custom car one part at a time and pay retail for every part and every service, it's going to get expensive real quick. "Taking Home The Trophy, Secrets to Building An Award Winning Custom Car" explains how to choose the right car for you, using a number of personal factors. The book shows how to manage your budget and avoid going over budget, a very common occurrence. I have the knowledge to help car builders get the most for their investment.

Over the years I've seen guys loose thousands on a custom car. They are money pits but when it comes time to sell, for whatever reason, there's lot's a car seller can do to get top dollar. "Secrets to Selling Your Custom Car For Top Dollar" is full of insider tips and secrets to squeezing every nickel out of your car. The Internet is a wealth of information that you can collect and use to your advantage and this book explains how. I sincerely want to help people in this expensive hobby get the most out of their investment.

On a three IPA inspiration from a friend, I wrote five short eBooks about custom cars. I've built and restored custom, classic and exotic cars for the past one hundred years. Thirty-five years just seems like a hundred. My inside knowledge and experience could help any car builder. "Secrets to Getting the Best Deal On a Custom Car" was the first in the series. You had to have a car before you could customize or restore it and this book explains how and more importantly, why a buyer should choose one type of car over another, how to find cars for sale and how to get the best price, along with lots of little tips and advice. These books are all around thirty pages or so, with lots of great photos.

Custom cars are expensive but if you can afford one, this book, "How To Find The Best Custom Car Shop In Your Area" will reveal many ways to get the most for your money. Building your own car, one piece at a time can get expensive quickly but picking the right shop and knowing how to control the build and the budget are things custom car owners learn in hindsight. My thirty-plus years experience will teach car lovers what to look for in a good shop, what questions to ask and how to control all aspects of the construction of your custom or classic car.

Maybe you just bought a custom car because you didn't want to spend two or three years to build one. You still need to find a good shop because you want to add air conditioning or replace an automatic with a four-speed or vice versa. You want to re-paint the car your wife's favorite color (if you want to keep getting laid, you do) or re-upholster it or change the ride height. If you have a money-guzzling car, you need a good shop you can work with and trust. Lots of shops do good work, but they all do it their way. This book can save custom car owners thousands.

This series of five books about custom cars, their construction, ownership, maintenance, and sale are all focused on the car owner getting the most for his or her money. It's all too easy to spend too much money. These books will help any car owner get more cluck for the buck.

Selling cars for a profit is a difficult thing to do but thousands of car dealers do it every day. "Insider Secrets of How to Buy and Sell Custom and Classic Cars For a Profit" is full of tips and tricks to buy low and sell high. The book explains how to choose the best category of car to look for and why. It tells what to look for in a potential investment and when to walk away. Various ways to raise a car's value are examined and of course, getting top dollar when you sell.

The inspiration for a story can come from anywhere and I'm sure that every writer has his or her own unique tale to tell about inspiration and, "Tough, Life In The Early West" is no exception. You'll find "Tough" to be a humorous dialog that accurately describes the Early West in colorful detail with a new surprise and a chuckle in every paragraph. This easy and fun to read short story is available, as are all the others, as an ebook, on Amazon/Kindle.

In that moment when you look death in the face and think you are about to die, You become acutely aware of how precious life is. It is a life changing moment. I came to appreciate life in new ways and this was in the 70's. I saw Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac in concert, all while trying to have a normal life. Normal life just didn't apply. Exciting might be one way of describing it, interesting might be another.  I've told my story many times and have often been told to write about my adventures, so I did.

"I Died, But I Got Better" is a very entertaining story of my past, the events that molded me and a light-hearted look at the numerous times I could have been killed. It's also a truthful account of who I am. I do think I need to change the cover image and the subtitle to something more inspiring. My experiences were life-changing. How about: "How My Multiple Brushes With Death Changed My Life." 

My writing, I'm told is very upbeat and entertaining. That is my intention, and it's nice to know that my readers seem to agree. Whether it be my fiction or non-fiction, I like to keep my reader engaged with vivid descriptions and a style of humor that sometimes sneaks up on you and makes you squirt milk out your nose.

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After all these years I discover that I enjoy writing as much as drawing and painting. I have a head full of stories I can't wait to write but painting inspiration comes much harder. My painting ideas aren't stacked up like cordwood, as are my writing inspirations. I've written all these years for my own pleasure, not seeing that I was a writer.

One thing that has kept my interest all these years is philosophy, including religion. Careful now. We're not supposed to talk about that. In forty years or so you can learn a lot if you can be open-minded. Being open-minded is challenging enough but taking on religion and spirituality can be a bit much. It was, but I learned a few things.

I learned how to change my life. No, I didn't get on "American Idol." I didn't get rich. I got happy. No matter who you are, you wouldn't mind more happiness in your life. I wrote, "Change Your Mind and Change Your Life, a simple guide to improving the quality of your life," describing my experience and the outcome. My style of humor comes out in everything I write. I even make you laugh at death.

This is the first thing I wrote with the intention of publishing. I found a way to make my life better and I wanted to share it. Originally titled, "The Illusion of Reality," my first draft of this book was in 2008. Since then I have updated and added to it eighteen times. I'm sure there's something in to offend everyone, but you'll laugh. Religious, spiritual, agnostic or whatever, I think you'll find this book, enjoyable, entertaining, insightful and well worth the time. I'm the author, of course, I'm going to think that about all my books, but I speak more to the positive feedback and encouragement I get from others.

"Airhead In Space" is one of the funniest things I've ever read, and I wrote it! It's the adventures of a crash test dummy in the future. The humor arises from the continuous impossibility of the story that generates vivid mental images, one after another. The story includes Airhead's trip to Planet 3, an exact copy of Earth, inhabited by Illudians exactly half way around Earth's orbit, to always be hidden behind the sun. The moon orbiting Planet 3, is, wait for it . . . Planet Portland. So, it gets very strange in a very humorous and entertaining way.

I first drew Airhead over thirty years ago, but only recently gave him his name and resurrected him in three cartoon strips I painted on a challenge from my group of close friends. The three panels made no sense. They were a collection of cartoon images from my past, gathered together but not much of a storyline. I said not much, but there was a seed of a storyline: Aliens had stolen Airhead's brain and taken it to the seventh and a halfth dimension and Airhead's efforts to recover it. The story includes female androids, a digital flirt, post-contemporary intellectuals and an ex-wife. 

This is only the first of Airhead's adventures. I hope to write several more episodes. Airhead has his own website at: