This stunning watercolor really captures Anna's spirit. Painted from a black and white photograph (photo credit Mark Muzzy) the lack of color makes the image more powerful.

Mary Ann

White subjects are fun to play with, using the paper as white, painting darker and darker. This painting is from a photo of my mom at the age of 21 in 1945.

Page 37

This is one of my favorite pieces of fantasy art, inspired by my writer friend who described his idea for a science fiction story. Over the years this painting has created quite a controversy as people think this is real and I am in contact with aliens and can read their language.


Lukenbach, Texas has a population of three and consists of two houses, a post office, a dance hall and a bar. The barmaid was named Marge and was uglier than Willie Nelson's ugly brother, but Marge had a heart of gold.

Urban Survivor

This lovely hundred-year-old Victorian house and one other old house sat in downtown Portland between a huge apartment building and an office building. Unfortunately, it has since been torn down.


My friend Kathy lives in San Fransico and visits my area once a year. She is one day younger than me so we joke that I am the old man and she's just a baby.


This was the local blacksmith's bulldog and the ugliest dog I had ever seen but the dog had personality.


This sweet little gal worked as a hostess for the local Brewery in Fredericksburg, Texas. Her light reddish hair blended well with the copper brew tank behind her. I just had to paint this.

34 Hiboy

I love to paint chrome. Light and reflections bring an image to life and give it believability. This 34 Ford roadster is an excellent example.

Old Trucks

This is still a common scene in my area, old truck graveyards. They make wonderful watercolor subjects.


Rust can be depicted very well in watercolor. This old Buick was very enjoyable to paint.

Fantasy Number Five

Another of my favorite pieces, this painting is over twenty years old. The idea of a painting like this is to keep the viewer engaged for as long as possible. This painting has been stared at for more than an hour as viewers try to ascertain the hidden meaning in all the symbolism. 

My Friend Brian

Brian had another ugly dog but somehow the ugliness became endearing. I wanted to capture the dog's spirit and Brian's love for the little rascal.  


This painting was commissioned by a woman whose husband was a P51 pilot and this was to be a birthday gift. I like the way the plane seems to be flying off the paper.

Hiboy Roadster

I painted this years ago from a tiny little black and white picture in some obscure car mag. It was purchased by the owner of a local hot rod shop and became their company logo for many years.

My friend Rodney

This watercolor took first place at the Southwest Washington Watercolor Society"s 2013 fall show. My friend Rod is also a watercolorist and lives in Virginia.

Shown here are only a few of the several hundred paintings I've created over the years. Many of my original watercolors are available and are marked as such. Prints of many of the watercolor images below are also available. I offer my original art and prints through Saatchi Art: 

Please email if you have any questions or have a special request for a painting you'd like me to create.


I was commissioned by the Hangar Hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas to paint 24 paintings of WWII aircraft to hang in the hotel. 

Ready for Takeoff

The dramatic angle I captured accentuates the already huge tail fins of this 1959 Cadillac and makes it look as though flames may suddenly shoot out the back and this behemoth, the longest American car ever produced, and launch into the sky.


Airhead was a cartoon character I developed while attending The Art Center College of Design. This is one of three cartoon panels I created recently. Occasionally I need a break from the realistic style that I usually paint and have some fun. 


1972 Ferarri 246 Gran Torisimo "Evolución"

Painting reflections is always challenging but the results can be spectacular. Here you can see the leaves overhead and the palm trees to the side.

Lance Von Prum


1901 Curved Dash Olds

This car was one of the very early auto industry's success. It was well designed and a very reliable car for the day. This painting brings this rare car back to life.


Okay, I suppose the Monroe estate could sue me but I did not sell it. The painting was a gift to my sister.